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    Use this audiobook to understand how each personality type flirts and improve your dating life and relationships.

    No tricks. No rouse-up motivation. No strange pickup games. It’s actionable content made to turn you into the most attractive version of yourself.

    Inside, you will learn:

    • What exactly are MBTI personality types?
    • The basics of this typology
    • What are the particular cues and personality traits to look out for in each MBTI type?
    • What are the biggest turn-ons for each personality types?
    • Understanding how the MBTI types flirt
    • How to attract each MBTI type
    • What MBTI type are you, and what can you do to minimize your weaknesses when interacting with other personality types?

    Now think about this. Where will you be in 30 days? Will you still be guessing about the best way to approach her? Or will you be a man of purpose - a man who knows exactly how to approach and impress her? It's up to you.

    You've had enough. It’s time to take your dating life and relationships to the next level. You will like the man you become.

    ©2017 James Marshall (P)2019 James Marshall

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