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Personal Finance

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Autor: Deaver Brown
Sprecher: Deaver Brown
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 2 Min.

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In only 60 minutes of conversation and instruction, learn how to effectively manage your finances. These are the basic subjects covered:

  • Why Create a Financial Plan?
  • Financial Plans Appeal to People for Three Reasons
  • How to Plan the Work and Work the Plan
  • 11-step Survival Plan
  • How Do You Fit In?
  • Your Financial Profile
  • Your Attitude Towards Money
  • Your Goals
  • Saving Money: 21 Quick Steps
  • Your Career: Six Things to Know
  • Your Next Job
  • Growth Stocks: 10 Survivalist Rules
  • Five Rules for Picking Index Funds
  • Eight Rules for Growth Stocks
  • Five Simple Suggestions
  • Six Rules to Pick Growth Mutual Funds
  • Nothing Else
  • 21 Danger Tips
  • Spending Danger One: Part 1
  • Spending Danger One: Part 2
  • Conclusion

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