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    Sylvia, a brilliant and successful eye surgeon is nevertheless amazed to find herself pregnant, despite taking no precautions. Iris is a timid young woman in love with a man from a different social stratum. And Ruby, a 1950s housewife, receives poison-pen letters, which she believes she thoroughly deserves. Linking these women is a fascinating thread that weaves their lives together in this powerful novel about love and the lack of it; about loss, mothering, sight and insight.

    ©2014 Patricia Ferguson (P)2014 Oakhill Publishing


    " ... plotty, emollient, fluent, concerned with relationships and what fosters or thwarts them, and capable of making you root for the characters." (The Guardian)
    "Ferguson skewers snobbery, selfishness and malice with deft, almost aphoristic phrases, and her intelligence needles her creations out of their individual ruts; but it is her understanding of suffering which cuts deepest" (The Independent)

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