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    Just a few short years ago, I decided to become involved in penny stocks. I took the leap to this type of investing because I saw an avenue for the small investors to have a competitive advantage and make a profit. Through years of hard work, research, successes, and some failures, I have come out the other end as a successful penny stock investor. I come to you now with the knowledge that you need to invest in penny stocks. This book offers everything that you need to know about penny stocks, from trading styles to capital requirements, to the key strategies to invoke and how to pick the best stocks. I aim to teach you everything you need to know to get started making money, fast. I offer the knowledge that led me down a successful career in trading. I want you to learn from the experiences that I have had these last few years and to make successful and intelligent trades in the market. With the knowledge I offer, it won't be long until you are able to identify the best stocks to invest in and know exactly what to cash out. It's time to take your financial future into your own hands. The hardest step to break into penny stocks is the initial leap of faith that you need. I want to make that transition as easy as possible, and offer everything you need to get started. Download this book and soon you will discover a robust investment market that is ripe with profits. The opportunities are on the table; it's time for you to make the effort and claim what is yours.

    In this book you will find:

    • An explanation of how to get started in penny stocks, written for beginners and designed by an expert
    • Key strategies for how to identify and pick the best stocks
    • All the knowledge you need to identify your trading style and gain a competitive advantage
    • A detailed guide to the world of penny stocks so that you can start trading with the best set of tools and strategies available

    ©2017 Alan D. Rice (P)2017 Alan D. Rice

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