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    From USA Today best-selling author K Webster comes a quick guide to help you write faster, stay focused, and avoid burnout!

    With more than 80 published titles (and counting), K Webster is often asked how she remains prolific and successful. She’ll reveal in a humorous yet effective manner how she keeps her focus and has managed to publish one or two stories each month consistently for more than five years.

    In this easy-to-listen-to audiobook, you’ll learn to retrain how you think and new habits to help you become productive in a few simple ways by: 

    • Identifying your problem
    • Making a plan
    • Being accountable
    • Staying focused
    • Sticking to a schedule
    • Staying productive

    Using short exercises in each section, you will begin to understand how to put into practice what you’ll learn in this audiobook. This is a quick and effective guide meant to cut through the fat and get straight to the meat so you can get back to writing!

    ©2019 K Webster (P)2020 K Webster

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