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Abduction. Rape. Murder. Multiple assaults. Three dead teenage girls. 

A pair of criminals. But which one was the killer?

This graphic account of convicted killers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka shows that in some relationships, neither party is the “better half”. Both halves of this Canadian couple add up to one evil story. A story too shocking to believe, but the truth, especially true crime, is all too often stranger and more gruesomely horrific than any mere work of fiction.

Weaving a tale of innocent victims who were terrorized, sexually assaulted, and murdered, this true-crime thriller details the crimes and takes an in-depth look at the perpetrators. 

Criminal profilers have found when killers work in tandem, often they are designated as the “leader” and the “follower”. Listeners are invited to draw their own conclusions as to which one of the deadly duo was the manipulator and who was being manipulated. Dubbed the “Ken and Barbie Killers” by the media, Paul and Karla's pink dream house became a place of nightmares.

Get a copy today and discover the shocking confession that causes their world to fall apart like a house of cards and reveals that this “perfect couple” is in fact perfectly evil.

©2018 Sea Vision Publishing (P)2018 Sea Vision Publishing

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