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Get ready to listen and embark upon a journey that will literally change, not only your life as you listen to it, but it is guaranteed to change everyone else's life close to you. Often in life people are not aware that the pathway they are traveling, will never get them to their destination. The only way to get to the place you truly want to get off the pathway you are on. Your GPS may be faulty, and you don't even realize it. 

This workbook is not filled with empty promises and unreachable goals. This workbook is filled with what it takes to get on that right pathway. No hype. No mumbo jumbo. Just the simple truth. Isn't it about time that someone tells you the truth about how to get on the right pathway and stay on it until you have accomplished your lifelong purpose? Of course, it is! That is why you will buy this book, and you will listen to this book. You will also buy a few for your family and friends. Why be the only one achieving true happiness? You do want others to succeed right? Then "Pay it Forward”. You can and you will change. You will declare and decree that you will see changes in the lives of those you love, just by following the simple instructions in this book. There are not too many guarantees in this life, but this I can guarantee. Everyone is on a pathway. It's time to get on the right one... The Pathway to Christ.

©2019 Anthony Bernard Mitchell (P)2019 Anthony Bernard Mitchell

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