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Passport Please, Second Edition

Autor: Pete Nielsen
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 8 Min.

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General Lucifer of the Kingdom army is convicted of treason and is banished to the earth, along with his rebel forces. Later, when the Kingdom of Heaven establishes a colony on earth, the former general makes his move and grabs control of the colony, and enslaves the human colonists. For the next seven thousand years, Kingdom forces clash with Lucifer's rebels in a war that is invisible to the humans of earth. Each human eventually finds that they are barred from crossing the border into the safety of the Kingdom - but the Prince of Heaven slips across the border and personally executes a daring plan...

This is the story of the Bible as an international adventure of diplomacy, intrigue and wartime immigration.

You might think you know the story, but you have never heard the Bible told like this before!

©2007 Peter S. Nielsen (P)2013 Peter S. Nielsen

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