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Pass Your Driving Test with Ursula James

Autor: Ursula James
Sprecher: Ursula James
Spieldauer: 26 Min.

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This audiobook is designed to take you through the day of your practical test, right through to getting your pass certificate.

The embedded suggestions will help you be in control, and perform at your best. The test will go quickly, and you will be relaxed and focused throughout – until you get your pass certificate in your hand. Then you can celebrate!

About Ursula James: Ursula James is one of the leading hypnotherapy practitioners and teachers in the UK. She teaches hypnosis to doctors at UK medical schools including Cambridge and Oxford (where she is a Visiting Teaching Fellow). She has appeared on This Morning and Woman's Hour and had her own TV series in 2007. She is author of four books: Clinical Hypnosis Textbook, How to be Amazing, You Can Think Yourself Thin, and The Source - A Manual of Everyday Magic, as well as Patron of Anxiety UK and the National Centre for Domestic Violence.

You will need to listen to the first track at least once. This contains important information.

To listen to the second track - find a time and a place where you can be undisturbed and sit down or lie down in a comfortable, relaxed position. (If you lie down you may find that you fall asleep, but that will be fine.)

When should I listen to the audiobook? You should start listening to the main track about three weeks before your exam. Listen to it once or twice a day. You can then use it whenever you feel like a boost.

How soon will I feel the benefit? You will feel more relaxed after the first time of listening and the positive effects will become more pronounced the more frequently you listen to it.

If you need to be alert at any time while listening, you will be. There may be times when you feel less aware of what is being said. This is natural and occurs even outside of hypnosis. You will hear everything that is important. You will be fully relaxed throughout. If you do fall asleep, this will be fine, and will only happen if you are relaxed and happy with the suggestions that are being made.

Other products available: If you enjoy this introduction to the benefits of hypnosis, then you may like to try some of Ursula James' other products. Check online frequently as they will be appearing here soon.

©2011 Ursula James (P)2011 Ursula James

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