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    Medical research shows that guided imagery practices can allow us to significantly reduce - and even eliminate - physical pain. With over 35 years of clinical research in mind-body medicine, Dr. Martin Rossman has become one of the world's leading experts on harnessing the power of the imagination to improve our health. With Pain Relief, this pioneer of integrative medicine brings you three potent, easy-to-use practices for managing and relieving pain:

    • Your Healing Place - a relaxing inner journey to a place that supports your body's ability to heal and recover
    • Endorphin Drip Imagery - one of Dr. Rossman's most effective guided imagery sessions for physical relief
    • Dialogue with Pain - an exercise for discovering the meaning behind your body's pain signals so that you can respond appropriately

    "Through the use of guided imagery," explains Dr. Rossman, "we can relax tight and sore muscles, enhance blood flow to injured areas, and prompt pain-relieving responses from the brain." With the simple techniques on Pain Relief, you can become a more active participant in regulating or eliminating your pain and promoting your own healing.

    ©2010 Martin Rossman (P)2010 Martin Rossman

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