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P for Neengal

Sprecher: Sundararaman S
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 22 Min.

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An audiobook in Tamil.

Are you weighed down by the burden of your work commitments? Do your goals elude you, despite your best plans, your hard work, and your talent?

Perhaps you are not Mr. Perfect. Perhaps you lack the discipline, the manners, the pleasant disposition to transform your dreams into reality.

Here's help at hand, an audiobook that helps you prepare for job interviews: by wearing the right clothes, saying the right words, looking just right. Listen to advice on what to do with those ungainly hands when speaking to your boss, on how you must conduct yourself as a wedding guest, on what steps you must take to be punctual, on how to speak in a group of people, whether in conversation or while making a speech.

There's no way you can escape the need to master these seemingly unimportant skills if you want to be Mr. Perfect. It's the small steps that count our road to perfection. All achievers have these qualities in abundance. Their lives tell us that with a little effort we can eliminate our flaws and acquire positive habits. We can learn to focus on our objectives. We can learn to avoid waste of time and material. We can learn to work towards zero errors. We can learn to do things right the first time. We can learn to optimize productivity. And - lo and behold - we find we have time to finish our tasks with time to spare.

This is not a microscopic examination of your faults, but rather a macroscopic view of the wide world perfection can open for you. This is an invaluable audiobook that can transform your life.

©2007 Sibi K Solomon (P)2007 New Horizon Media

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