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  • Own a Fraction, Earn a Fortune

  • The Complete Guide to Co-Investing in Art and Collectibles: How to Generate High Returns from Collectibles Through Fractional Ownership
  • Geschrieben von: Michael Fox-Rabinovitz
  • Gesprochen von: Jack Nolan
  • Spieldauer: 9 Std. und 47 Min.
  • Ungekürztes Hörbuch
  • Kategorien: Geld & Finanzen

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    Cannot afford to buy a $325,000 vintage Aston Martin or a $45,000 vintage Rolex? How about a $270,000 1963 mint condition Marvel The Avengers number-one comic? What if you could build a portfolio of these and many more unique collectibles and reap the rewards?

    Discover how fractional ownership platforms can empower you to easily buy and sell shares of collectible items such as Art, Sports Memorabilia, Trading Cards, Comic Books, Watches, Classic Cars, and other asset categories which were previously out of reach for the vast majority of investors.

    “For millions of individuals around the globe buying small fractions of luxury collectibles is a way to participate in an economy previously exclusively reserved for the very wealthy who knew the secret: luxury goods won’t just hold value; they will appreciate over time.” Michael Fox-Rabinovitz

    In this comprehensive yet easy-to-read book, Michael Fox-Rabinovitz, Managing Partner of Chartwell Capital LLC, and a successful investor with over 25 years of experience, decodes the secrets, nuances, and benefits of collectible assets. He also provides a road map on how best to leverage fractional ownership to include collectible investments in your long-term financial plan. You will learn:

    • Benefits of fractional ownership of collectibles for risk diversification and profitable investing
    • Key value drivers for each collectible asset category
    • Sports memorabilia
    • Trading cards
    • Comic books 
    • Cars
    • Watches
    • Art 
    • Which platforms to use and the features of each
    • Emerging collectibles to keep an eye on

    After listening to this in-depth guide, you will know how to realize superior profits independent of stock market performance by including collectibles in your investment portfolio and how to use fractional ownership platforms to unlock access to collectible investments which were once unobtainable.

    ©2020 Michael Fox-Rabinovitz (P)2021 Michael Fox-Rabinovitz

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