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    The keys to the universe....

    ...are hidden on two different planets, both at war.

    The Bad Company is the only force capable of unlocking destiny.

    Terry and Char take the Bad Company beyond the frontier, back to Benitus Seven. What they find shocks them to the very core of their beings.

    Marcie and Kae develop a new force, a land army to win the peace and keep it. They are sent to Kor’nar, a planet populated by insect people. Their challenges start buzzing the second they land with a force ten thousand strong.

    When two worlds clash, there can only be one winner.

    Terry. Char. The last chapter. Read it now.

    This is the final book with Terry and Char as main characters. It’s two books in one and twice as long as the average Bad Company. Enjoy their swansong. If you haven’t followed Terry and Char’s adventures, don’t start here. You can follow them into space with The Bad Company or you can go all the way back to when they first met in Nomad Found, Book 1 of the Terry Henry Walton Chronicles.

    Go forth and conquer, just like Terry and Char.

    Please Note: If cursing is a problem, then this might not be for you.

    ©2020 Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle (P)2021 Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle

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