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    Do you want to learn how to stop yourself from overthinking and how to become an empath? If yes, then keep listening!

    Let’s admit it! We overthink. We always imagine things that do not exist, affecting our lives. Overthinking can be normal, but it can also lead to fear, frustration, and anxiety according to experts.

    How to declutter and clear your mind? Overthinking and Empath can help. It composes of two parts. The first one is a compilation of tips and tricks to eliminate negative thinking, conquer anxiety, live more mindfully, cope with worries, approach relationships, apply positivity, increase self-esteem, deal with procrastination, and challenge thoughts.

    The second part is divided into 26 chapters. It discusses the best way to embrace the gift of empathy, types of empaths, spiritual healing tools to conquer anxiety, approaches to protect yourself from losing your passion, exercises for self-awareness, and empathic listening techniques.

    This audiobook covers:

    • The impact of quality sleep to a person’s life
    • How to improve your self-confidence
    • Practical tips to stop asking what if
    • How to become an empath
    • How to change other people’s lives
    • How to serve as a role model
    • And so much more!

    That’s not all! You will also learn to develop your psychic abilities, understand grounding techniques, thrive as an empath, improve self-esteem, control emotions, heal from negative energy, and more.

    Every line is easy to imagine and perceive, making the audiobook perfect for people from all walks of life.

    Ready to get started? Buy today!

    ©2020 Albert Gladwell (P)2020 Albert Gladwell

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