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Overcoming Social Anxiety

A Step-by-Step Guide and Proven Techniques on How to Use Psychological Triggers and Dark Psychology Secrets to Understand How to Stop Worrying and Stop Anxiety
Autor: Mark Panic
Sprecher: Robert Plank
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 14 Min.

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Have you ever met someone who acted a bit strange? Did you perhaps meet them at a party and found that trying to make conversation with them was like pulling teeth?

Perhaps you work with someone that, when you speak with them, they can’t or won’t make eye contact with you?

Or have you attended an event and felt overwhelmed and lacked self-confidence, thinking that the way you were dressed, how you looked, and even what you said was being judged?

All three of these scenarios explain some of the many behaviors that a person with a social anxiety disorder (also known as SAD) displays.

The causes of this mental disorder begins in childhood, usually at the age when a child begins puberty, but sometimes, it strikes younger children, usually because of a parent or parents who have social anxiety or because they are brought up in a strict, unyielding environment, observe social anxiety behavior or have direct experience with the condition at a young age.

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) affects approximately 15 million adults in the United States.

Almost 50 percent of all people who are diagnosed with SAD are also prone to and diagnosed with depression. Other effects of social anxiety disorder are negative thoughts, poor social skills that lack improvement, sensitivity to criticism, low self-esteem, and self-medication with alcohol and drugs.

Even though you may think you don’t suffer from SAD, there may be someone who is a family member, a friend, or a colleague at work who may show signs of this disorder.

Also, realize that not every person who has this condition exhibits extreme behavior. There are those people who may or may not realize they have SAD, because there are levels that are mild and moderate. People at those levels seem to think that their anxiety is "normal" although it wouldn’t hurt for them to understand they can live without anxiety and learn to manage it. It would be beneficial for them to understand what causes them to react to certain triggers that increase their anxiety level.

There is so much information contained in this audiobook for you to discover and understand about social anxiety disorder. Some of the highlights are:

  • The signs and symptoms of social anxiety disorder
  • The causes of how social anxiety disorder begins and its effects
  • The behavior that is displayed by people with SAD and what thought processes bring them their negative thinking
  • The thoughts, fears, and dangers that a person with SAD manifests, even when they are perceived and not reality
  • How challenging your mind and thoughts can lead a person with SAD to understand that their fears are usually unfounded and can diminish their anxiety
  • The treatments that can be used without medication to benefit people with mild or moderate SAD  
  • And more....

You can finally overcoming social anxiety and be happier even if you think that it is impossible, because in this audiobook, there is a lot of practice and little theory.

Now you must make the decision, don't be afraid.

©2019 Mark Panic (P)2019 Mark Panic


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