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    Are you unhappy with how long you've been out-of-work? Worried about your financial situation? Do you dread when people ask what you are up to or how the job hunt is going? creator and author Anne Emerick has interviewed career coaches, entrepreneurs, and everyday people to explore their own stories of bouncing back from a personal unemployment crisis. And now, Emerick shows you how to use insights from their tales to forge your own path to success.

    Out-of-Work to Making Money: 21 Comeback Stories Every Job Hunter Should Hear shares strategies and compelling true stories from people in all walks of life who worked their way from jobless to financially secure. Twenty-one personal accounts prove you aren't alone in this struggle and you can transform your loss into a promising future.

    In Out-of-Work to Making Money, you'll discover:

    • Inspiring narratives from ordinary people who overcame poor job prospects to revitalize their career
    • How a lost job opportunity can open the door to a new business venture
    • Practical tips to get your income flowing again
    • Simple hacks to overcome daily obstacles
    • How to move past the shame to reclaim your life and much, much more!

    If you like true stories, actionable expert tips, and sympathetic advice, then you ll love this audiobook.

    Listen to Out-of-Work to Making Money to jump-start your own career comeback today.

    The complete list of authors includes Anne Emerick, Robert Rogers, Ashley McIntyre, Koray Comert, John Fugazzie, Brittany Kerfoot, Alex J. Coyne, Marlo Scott, Linda Clay, Robert D. Fretz,Stephanie Brown, Mari Colham, Victoria Heckstall, Jenny Benton, Brannon Hollingsworth, June Whittle, Fiona Tapp, and Cheryl Vance.

    The complete list of narrators includes Anne Emerick, Darrin Revitz, Steve Boyd, Shaunte Newby, Nyk Fry, Jeff Schuster, Claire Fry, Mari Lindgren Knutt, Andrew Arnett, Sarah Griffin, Julianne Higgins, Stephanie Leccese, Yvette Robinson, Aimee Smith, Margaret Sutherland, and Mary Jhon.

    ©2019 Aboon Books (P)2019 Aboon Books

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