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    Eve Arden stars as the tart-tongued Constance Brooks, a dedicated English teacher at Madison High School. Before and after the bell rings, Miss Brooks turns her thoughts from language to love. Indulging in her perpetual pursuit of bashful biology teacher Philip Boynton (Jeff Chandler), Connie finds herself making his favorite stew, conspiring to make him sick, and pretending to be his mother! She even considers compromising her principles (and her principal)! Miss Brooks has a rival for the attentions of that handsome specimen: Miss Daisy Enright (Mary Jane Croft). She's a good cook, a master of the thinly-veiled insult, and every bit as competent and ruthless as Connie!

    These 20 digitally restored and remastered episodes co-star Gale Gordon as the blustery, autocratic Osgood Conklin; Richard Crenna as the ever-exuberant Walter Denton; and Jane Morgan as absent-minded landlady Mrs. Davis.

    Episodes include: "The Model School Teacher" 11-21-48; "Stretch the Basketball Star" 02-13-49; "Walter vs. Stretch Grudge Match" 05-01-49; "Peanuts, the Great Dane" 05-22-49; "Arguments, Arguments!" 05-29-49; "The Telegram" 07-10-49; "Mrs. Davis' Cookies (Pensacola Popovers)" 07-24-49; "Heat Wave" 08-07-49; "Conklin Causes a Fight" 09-25-49; "Game at Clay City" 12-11-49; "A Letter to Santa" 12-18-49; "Babysitting on New Year's Eve" 01-01-50; "Professorship at State U" 01-22-50; "Miss Enright's Dinner" 02-05-50; "Valentine's Day Date" 02-19-50; "Boynton's Barbecue" 05-07-50; "Mr. Boynton's Parents" 05-14-50; "Measles Diagnosis" 10-01-50; "Who's Going Where" 08-21-55; "Oo-Oo-Me-Me-Tocoludi-Gucci-Mo O-Moo" 09-18-55.

    ©2012 Al Lewis Estate. All Rights Reserved. Manufactured under license from Gregory Friedkin. (P)2014 RSPT LLC

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