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    A secret buried in an open grave returns to haunt a small town...

    When divers discover an antique car with a skeleton inside, the Beacon Group dispatches TK O’Connor to lead the investigation into the 60-year-old cold case. 

    It’s TK’s first chance as lead investigator, and the former marine is determined not to let her team down. But, almost as soon as she arrives in the downtrodden rustbelt city, her challenges mount.

    First, there’s the issue of identifying the man inside the car. Who was he, and why did he seemingly drive off a cliff into a quarry, leaving no trace of his life behind?

    Then, there’s the brewing racial tensions in the city. A White police officer is on trial for shooting a Black man, and the verdict is due any minute. When a second killing occurs, TK suddenly finds herself at the center of a new investigation while the town literally explodes around her.

    As protesters storm the once-peaceful town, it’s up to TK and her boss Lucy Guardino to untangle the truth, both past and present. But is the truth powerful enough to stop the violence before any one else is killed?

    Open Grave is the ninth Lucy Guardino novel, but they can be listened to out of order. If you enjoy captivating suspense, intelligent storytelling, strong and vulnerable characters, and a freight-train pace, then you'll love this adrenaline rush of a heart-pounding thriller from "a master of the genre".

    Join the millions of readers/listeners who've fallen for CJ’s thrillers, and buy Open Grave today!

    ©2017 Edgy Reads (P)2020 Edgy Reads

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