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    Samhain. All Hallows Eve. The most mystical night of the year. The time when the veil between the worlds become perilously thin. And with a full moon overhead, this awesome power reaches its climactic height.

    Sorcha has no time for mystical nonsense - there are enough challenges in navigating the minefield of her mother's vicious temper and the most important event of her young life. For at long last, she has left Edinburgh to see the world. She and her mother are visiting the elegant city of Bath. Sorcha wears the finest dress she'd seen - and steps into a life she'd only dreamt of.

    But when Johnny's eyes meet hers, and jealous rivals vow revenge, that delicate layer between what is and what once was rips. It shreds like the fragile thread of one's life.

    One Scottish Lass is the first novella in the regency time travel romance trilogy. These stories are teen-friendly with no explicit language, violence, or intimacy.

    ©2014 Lisa Shea (P)2020 Lisa Shea

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