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One Mission Titelbild

One Mission

Von: Chris Fussell,Charles Goodyear,Chris Fussell - introduction
Gesprochen von: General Stanley McChrystal
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In One Mission, former Navy SEAL Chris Fussell draws on his extensive experience of high-pressure teamwork to show how organisations can apply lessons from the field to successfully transform their way of doing business - becoming flatter, quicker and much more collaborative across departments and divisions. Along with sharing his own military experience, Fussell explores industry titans like Intuit and Under Armour, which have adopted the ‘Team of Teams’ model in order to unite everyone around single compelling mission. The result is a ‘shared consciousness’ that drives consistently better results with less friction and intergroup rivalry.

Using case studies and providing practical solutions, One Mission shows how to harness the agility, adaptability and cohesion of small teams and break down company silos to deliver extraordinary results across any size of organisation.

One Mission is for any leader who wants to inspire their teams to look beyond their narrow field of vision to understand - and effectively contribute to - the organisation's one true mission.

The steps of transition include:

  1. Achieving strategic alignment: every organisation thinks it has sufficiently communicated its priorities down the chain of command, but rarely is this alignment sufficient.
  2. Determining operating rhythm: annual or six-monthly town hall alignment gathers are no longer regular enough to communicate messages urgently and risk putting entire companies out of date.
  3. Setting up communication and decision-making processes: not every person in an organisation is qualified for the decision-making freedom ideal in a flexible team. Fussell shows how a hybrid structure can empower and inspire every person on the team while still restricting the decision-making process appropriately.
  4. Shifting leadership behaviour: radical humility, beginning with the leader and continuing down the chain of command, is the key to a successful transition.

Including examples of transition in companies ranging from Intuit to the US Army to small businesses, One Mission is a practical audiobook for anyone looking to evolve their workforce into a highly mobile and effective unit that can unlock the potential of the individual talents that make up their teams in a way many would have thought impossible.

©2018 Chris Fussell and Charles Goodyear (P)2018 Macmillan Digital Audio


"Chris Fussell is one of the most dynamic thinkers of our day. His ideas and his perspectives have challenged many of my own assumptions and pushed me to think bigger. I’m smarter because of Chris Fussell." (Simon Sinek)

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