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    She's off limits, but that's the hottest setup of all. 

    I want a bit of fun, not a relationship, and I've come to New York to find that. When a mix-up forces me to share an apartment with a sexy little American, it sounds like my dream come true. Except Arden Clover Pesti is my almost sister-in-law's best friend, and she's a virgin. And slightly insane. I shouldn't touch her. But when she purrs that she loves my British accent and sashays around in her skimpy underwear.... 

    Arden talks about auras and aliens and microwaves frying our brains. Still, she has the sort of body any man would kill to enjoy for fourteen whole days. And I'm starting to realize she might not be as barmy as I thought. Still, I shouldn't get naked with her. It would be wrong. 

    When she begs me to be her first time, I forget all the reasons we shouldn't do this. After all, I'm the Dixon brother who does the wrong thing the right way.

    ©2020 Lisa A. Shiel (P)2020 Jacobsville Books

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