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    Belle Harper wasn’t an ordinary woman. She had things an ordinary woman didn’t have, afforded to her by the lifestyle only an unimaginably rich husband could provide. A mansion, clothes, makeup, shoes, cars, handbags - you name it. Anything and everything she’d ever wanted, ever dreamed of, was hers. 

    But behind the veil of glamor and lavish living lay a darkness: a life of abuse and terror at the hands of the very man who’d sworn on their wedding day to love and cherish her. It wasn’t until a stroke of luck, a random occurrence by the name of Ronan Cyprus, entered her life that she could see a light at the end of her tunnel. 

    After giving her his card and insisting she call him if she ever needed anything, she took the opportunity to run away from the life of abuse she’d been suffering in silence for so long. All seemed to be going well until Belle’s husband started tracking her down, insisting that she come back to him. 

    Scared for her life, as well as Ronan’s, Belle would have to face her ex and put an end to this once and for all. Ronan had saved her...but could she do the same for him?

    ©2021 Meredith Publishing (P)2021 Meredith Publishing

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