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    DTF. Support your local girl gang!

    Me and my dirty, tough female besties were hell - and tacos on wheels.

    Who knew that my homemade Shizzle Sauce would be the key ingredient to my happily-ever-after?

    Destiny had a wicked sense of humor - that was for sure.

    After surviving a toxic relationship, I vowed to never let myself be controlled by a man again.

    With the help of my girl gang, I was rebuilding my life - one taco at a time. My trusty snack wagon - The Pink Taco Truck - hadn’t steered me wrong yet.

    This time, it led me straight to a hottie restaurant owner with a sexy Australian accent, who just so happened to love my secret sauce.

    He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. But that wasn’t the only thing I was unable to turn down.

    Jay was everything I could ever want in a man, but he wasn’t without heartache of his own. In fact, he’d been around the world, and he had the baggage to prove it.

    Good thing I was always up for an adventure!

    ©2020 Kat Addams (P)2020 Kat Addams

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