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One of the most controversial figures in British history, Oliver Cromwell entered the world as an insignificant member of the English gentry and left it as the all-powerful Lord Protector of the entirety of England, Scotland, and Ireland. A radical Puritan, Cromwell believed that his meteoric rise through the ranks of the English military and parliament was an expression of God's will.

Inside you will hear about.... 

  • The early life of Oliver Cromwell
  • The road to influence
  • The First English Civil War
  • Cromwell the politician
  • Commonwealth in England, war in Ireland, and rebellion in Scotland
  • Cromwell, Lord Protector
  • Cromwell’s legacy

Proving himself on the battlefields of England’s Civil war, Cromwell signed King Charles I’s death warrant only to later become a de facto king himself, ruling the short-lived commonwealth as what some have called a military dictatorship. Love him or loathe him, Cromwell’s life changed the political landscape of Great Britain and beyond.

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