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    One spell - and my whole world came crashing down. 

    When the monsters came knocking on Thunderbird Academy's doors, I was given one task: Write a spell and send the creatures packing. Instead, I brought the whole school to the faery realm.... And now we're stuck. 

    Left with no other choice, the school resumes its regularly scheduled classes. Now that the halls are filled with more fae than I've ever seen, tensions are at an all-time high. And I'm not just talking about what's going on between Aiden and me. I have no time for a forbidden romance, but I can't keep my thoughts off my broody shifter combat trainer. 

    Cut off from everything and everyone we know, there are just two things I'm sure of. The war is far from over, and the ancients are powerful beings. Soon, they're on the border of Faery, and our small haven of peace is shattered. 

    Do I have what it takes to learn my magic and save my friends? Or will my next mistake destroy us all? 

    There's no going back now. And one thing's for sure - Thunderbird Academy will never be the same again. 

    Full of magic, adventure, and romance, Of Destiny and Illusions is the second book in an addicting young adult paranormal romance series by USA Today best-selling author Valia Lind that will keep you listening late into the night!

    ©2020 Valia Lind (P)2020 Valia Lind

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