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    This book is responsive to widespread individual and social concerns. The author assumes everyone wants to be better at building selected behaviors for themselves and others, and many of us want strategies for constructively dealing with political and social issues. We might want to exercise more or get our children, friends, coworkers, or leaders to learn or behave better.

    The author addresses topics of personal and social well-being in a stepwise manner. The book features five characters in a university setting whose discussions and actions first provide a window into the science of behavior, then offer useful explanations of nudge and boost. The powerful tools of behavior science and nudge and boost are described in ten chapters of engaging stories. The closing chapter offers detailed guidelines for using the methods offered in the body. The audiobook concludes with an epilogue introducing behavior-logical solutions for social, educational, and political challenges. Also indicated are roles computers might play for improving our lives, worldwide.

    In writing this book, the author drew on his formal education, research, and teaching in basic behavioral science and the lessons he learned during four decades of work in educational, community, and organizational settings.

    ©2017, 2018 Robert Crow Ph.D (P)2019 Robert Crow Ph.D

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