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  • Not the Parable of the Lost Sheep

  • Revised Satirical Version
  • Geschrieben von: John Spencer
  • Gesprochen von: John Spencer
  • Spieldauer: 25 Min.

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    Parables with added "beattitude".

    What if you’d never heard of this parable before? Would you still think the same way? Not the Parable of the Lost Sheep contains more than 30 satirical takes on the original parable to snap us out of our over-familiarity and to open our eyes to the truth of the Gospel.

    Half tongue-in-cheek, half right between the eyes, these parables aim to reveal our cultural biases, hidden assumptions, and the lies we believe...with a smattering of versions just for the pun of it.

    "Really raises the baa." (Shepherd)

    "99/100 would recommend." (Sheep number. 73)

    I got lost in its pages. (Sheep number. 100)

    Not the Bible. It’s like the Bible. Only not.

    John was born at a very young age with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. At first, it appeared that no lasting damage had been done, but as he grew, it became clear that his sense of humor had been damaged irreparably.

    John lives with his family near Oxford, England, where daily, he wonders how his wife still finds the same jokes funny after more than 20 years of marriage.

    ©2019 John Spencer (P)2019 John Spencer

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