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    Another billionaire? No thank you!

    After her last billionaire beau, Kylie Mitchell has vowed to avoid rich men from now on. But she didn’t count on falling on Scott Ryan while overseas on a business trip. When the embarrassment wears off, the attraction doesn’t, and Kylie can’t get him off her mind even after she’s back home in New York working for her ex-boyfriend boss, Alex.

    When Scott shows up at her office and asks her out, she can’t resist. He may be a big name in new space technology, but he is also down-to-earth, kind, and unassuming - not your typical billionaire. Kylie falls a little more every day, and just when she is certain she has made the right decision this time, she discovers that Scott has been hiding a huge, life-altering secret.

    Retreating with her emotions in a tangle, Kylie finds an all too familiar shoulder to cry on - Alex’s. But is he the solution? Kylie must decide.

    Is her love for Scott strong enough to bridge the break in trust? Or will she decide to write off billionaires forever?

    ©2020 Gigi Marlowe (P)2020 Gigi Marlowe

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