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    "With the MC fully functional and thriving in New Mexico, there isn’t much to be concerned with anymore. Until Ray comes to me and tells me that there is a problem with the Sarasota chapter.

    It is me and my brother’s responsibility to figure out the problem and we are more than willing to take a vacation.

    When we get there, it is anything but a vacation. An old rivalry with a vicious MC has come back. Our job, to handle the problem and we are good at our job.

    But, when a new woman comes into my life, she could be the Achilles heal of finishing the job.

    When I’m put in a lifesaving, or ending, decision, I have to make the hardest choice I’ve ever been faced with...My love, or my brother."

    ©2018 West Maple Publishing, Inc. (P)2020 West Maple Publishing, Inc.

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