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    The Online Stage presents North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell.

    North and South follows the young Margaret Hale as she is caught in the middle of the brutal world between employers and local workers following the Industrial Revolution. She finds herself at odds from the very start with John Thornton, a local factory owner and self-made man, as she believes him to be unfeeling and callous about the poverty and suffering of the workers while John sees Margaret as haughty and entitled. Further conflicts arise when the workers strike and Margaret feels compelled to intervene with no regard for her own safety. Written in 1854, North and South is one of Gaskell's best-known novels and has been adapted for the screen three times.


    • Narrator - Trisha Rose
    • Margaret Hale - Amanda Friday
    • John Thornton - Rob Goll
    • Richard Hale - David Stifel
    • Maria Hale - Elizabeth Klett
    • Hannah Thornton - Sarah Mitchell
    • Nicholas Higgins - Jeff Moon
    • Bessy Higgins - Shaina Summerville
    • Dixon - Lillian Rachel
    • Frederick Hale - Mark Crowle-Groves
    • Mr. Bell - Graham Scott
    • Fanny Thornton - Tiffany Halla Colonna
    • Edith - Anna Grace
    • Henry Lennox - Andy Harrington
    • Captain Lennox - Craig Franklin
    • Charlotte - Michelle Marie
    • Mr. Lowe - Denis Daly
    • Mrs. Shaw - Sara Morsey
    • Mr. Colthurst - Ted Wenskus

    Audio edited by Rob Goll

    Public Domain (P)2021 The Online Stage

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