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No Price Too High

Warp Marine Corps, Book 2
Autor: C.J. Carella
Sprecher: Guy Williams
Serie: Warp Marine Corps, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 11 Std.

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The battle for humanity's survival continues.

Peter Fromm: After barely surviving the Battle of Kirosha, Captain Fromm and the rest of the 101st Marine Expeditionary Unit are sent forth to defend a vital star system. While the US Navy battles a vast alien armada in the skies above Parthenon, the Devil Dogs must fight a formidable, well-equipped army on the ground. Retreat is not an option.

Lisbeth Zhang: The former naval officer, once a rising star, faces the end of her career. She reluctantly accepts a new, secret posting, one that will turn her into an experimental subject in a covert weapons project that may save humanity - or spell its doom.

Heather McClintock: Being a CIA operative in a hostile galaxy is never easy. Out in the cold, with no support but her wits and skills, can she make a difference in the battles to come or will she become just another casualty?

The sequel to Decisively Engaged, No Price Too High is a tale of heroism and desperate combat in a hostile universe.

Warning: Contains violence, strong language and adult content.

©2016 Fey Dreams Productions, LLC (P)2016 Fey Dreams Productions, LLC

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