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No Name on the Bullet

The Bounty Hunter's Revenge Western Adventure Series, Book 1
Autor: Jeff Breland
Sprecher: Carl Hausman
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 26 Min.

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From the best-selling author of Valley of the Gunman and Gunfight at Spanish Wells comes No Name on the Bullet, the anxiously awaited new Western from Jeff Breland. Filled with action, adventure, and drama, this is an audiobook that is filled with crime and punishment!

Stone normally wouldn't take a job this far from Denver, but a lady in south-eastern Arizona sent him a large retainer for his trouble. Who could turn that down? After a long trip, delayed by the need to kill a couple of road agents on the way, he arrives in the middle of his client's sunbathing session. No problem. The beautiful, statuesque, blond middle-aged lady asks him to join her while she enjoys the remaining rays of sun and explains why she has requested services. It seems she's had a large number of cattle stolen and one of her hands killed by the rustlers. She needs his help.

There will be a blood shed before this case is closed, with bullets, bedlam, and a mysterious woman who keeps tugging Stone away from the case. This is No Name on the Bullet.

©2010 Jeff Breland (P)2017 Jeff Breland


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