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    We have all come across a sentence in a book or a line of poetry that seems to jump off the page as if it has been patiently waiting for you to discover it in this precise instant. At times, the lyrics of a song or words spoken in a play can feel as if God is speaking directly to you, guiding you on your quest for truth and authenticity in this weird and wonderful life. 

    From the words of great thinkers and quiet moments with God, to snippets of conversation with patients and moments shared with his late wife, Bobbie, Dr. Bernie Siegel has curated his most meaningful stories, lessons, and quotes from a lifetime of journals in No Endings, Only Beginnings. With this audiobook, he encourages you not just to learn from his advice and experience, but to create your own book of collected wisdom - your life manual for growing, loving, and healing - as you continue to shape your personal understanding of the answers to life's big questions.

    ©2020 Hay House, Inc. (P)2020 Hay House, Inc.

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