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    CBA best-selling author Lauraine Snelling has garnered numerous awards for her novels of faith and inspiration. Set in 1904 North Dakota, this compelling sequel to A Measure of Mercy features a gifted medical school graduate struggling to discern God’s will for her life.

    Assuming the Lord wants her to practice medicine in a remote African outpost, Astrid Bjorklund enrolls in a missionary training school. As she prepares for the isolation and privation of a primitive land, she prays her former sweetheart will one day understand. But when a family crisis calls her home to Blessing, Astrid hears of a deadly measles outbreak on a nearby Indian reservation. Feeling inexplicably constrained to help, she wonders if God might be leading her to a “mission field” that’s much closer than she imagined.

    As Snelling draws listeners into the web of this enthralling tale, Stina Nielsen’s superb narration highlights the sometimes-conflicting demands of duty, faith, and love.

    ©2010 Lauraine Spelling (P)2010 Recorded Books, LLC

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