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    I’ve never wanted a guy before.
    Yet I can’t keep my mind off Dawson.
    The guy is bad news and headed for the bottom of a bottle as fast as he can.
    Too bad that’s a problem I can relate to.
    The only woman I ever loved led me down a dark path of addiction.
    I’ve been in recovery for years now. I won’t be someone’s fix.
    Or their cure. I can’t be responsible for his sobriety.
    If Dawson can get his act together, I could be with him.
    But I’m afraid that a new chance at love will destroy me all over again. 

    I like to drink, but it doesn’t mean I have a problem.
    Nix was supposed to be a one-night thing.
    He doesn’t understand my life or my problems.
    I’m in control. Always.
    My construction work has me hanging around the clubhouse, so I get to see a lot of Nix.
    And damn it, I want to see more.
    But my demons might be stronger than I thought.
    Will Nix still want me after I’ve hit bottom? 

    Two broken souls find their path to healing and love in Nix, a first-time gay MC romance in the Hell’s Ankhor world.

    ©2021 Special Fiction Books (P)2021 Special Fiction Books

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