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No one will hear you scream...

A serial killer terrorizing a small mountain town sets his sights on those hunting him. Cody Thomas is an FBI agent working with the Violent Crimes Unit in Los Angeles, California, when he takes a week off to decompress in his hometown of Big Bear. Jilly Reid has left the Central Homicide Unit of San Bernardino and moved up the mountain to her hometown to get away from death and her cheating ex-husband.

He's watching...

No sooner does Cody arrive in town when he runs into Jilly. But there's no time to reminisce, she's in a hurry. An incoherent call came into dispatch. A fisherman down in Hunters Cove is carrying on about finding dead women. A lot of them.

He's waiting...

Cody blackmails Jilly into letting him ride along. What they find is an underwater graveyard. A serial killer is using the lake to dump his victims. Seven women, brutally tortured, are chained to cinder blocks, their long tresses waving back and forth with the current. Their faces set in a silent scream for all eternity.

He's pissed...

At first, Cody and Jilly think the killer is long gone, but soon they learn he's watching them. Taunting them. Then women start disappearing at an alarming rate.

You're dead...

Meagan McInnis and Jesse James Thomas go to meet his brother, Cody, at the family cabin for spring break. But relaxation is the last thing they get when Meagan's sister, Bridget, goes missing. Now the clock is ticking. Can the killer be stopped before time runs out?

©2014 Karen J. Ritter (P)2014 Karen J. Ritter


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