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    Tonight’s forecast calls for terror....

    Survivors trapped in a sunken vessel find themselves hunted through the depths by a deadly adversary. A skeptical journalist discovers the sinister inhabitants of a fake haunted house are all too real. And a husband commits murder to protect his wife, only to learn he has created something even more dangerous....

    A dark and stormy night of terror awaits in Scare Street’s latest bone-chilling collection. This sinister volume contains 14 tales of terror and supernatural horror. And each story brings you deeper into the dark realm of nightmares.

    As you devour each tale with morbid delight, black clouds roll across the sky. Thunder rumbles in the distance, and jagged lightning screams above.

    Be sure to close the window. You wouldn’t want to let the storm inside. After all, this is perfect weather for ghosts and ghouls to roam the night....

    This volume features the following stories:

    1. A Sinking Feeling by Warren Benedetto

    2. The Winter Cabin by Nate Lock

    3. How to Make a Troll by Andrew Jensen

    4. Mistress Edge’s House of Horrors by P. L. McMillan

    5. Groundhog Day by John Wayne Comunale

    6. Into the Shadows by B. D. Prince

    7. The Rancher by Al Hagan

    8. Trial by Water by Renee Miller

    9. Sugar Day by Peter Cronsberry

    10. A Cold Day in Helheim by Kohl Neal

    11. Testing Times by Kris Ashton

    12. Coming Home to Mansion Hill by C. B. Channell

    13. The Backward Man by Caleb Stephens

    14. Dead Dogs and Murdered Men by Ron Ripley

    ©2020 Scare Street (P)2020 Scare Street

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