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    The dark side is waiting....

    Fish and chips lead a curious traveler to a sinister island, where the residents are more than they seem. Forbidden occult knowledge strands a pair of friends in a terrifying nexus of evil. And an ancient ice storm forces a wandering tribe to choose between following a bloodthirsty shaman, or the glowing lights in the sky....

    Venture into new realms of terror with Scare Street’s latest bone-chilling collection. This spine-tingling volume contains 15 ghastly tales of horror and the paranormal - more than enough to while away the hours as you lose yourself in the shadows of the night.

    The deeper you plunge into this realm of terror, the farther away the real world seems. But don’t worry...resist pausing, and stay a bit longer.

    We’re sure you’ll be able to find your way back. Just listen for the screams in the darkness.

    And pray they aren't your own.... 

    This volume contains the following:

    1. "The Fish'r Men" by David Turton
    2. "The Faces at the Window" by Bob Johnston
    3. "From the Ashes" by Bryan Wolford
    4. "The Neighbors" by Peter Cronsberry
    5. "The Ferryman" by Nicholas Paschall
    6. "Slug" by Matias Travieso-Diaz
    7. "Folsom Lake" by Karl Melton
    8. "Obsidian" by Richard Beauchamp
    9. "Edward's Couch" by Robert Douglas
    10. "What Lovely Petunias" by Mark Towse
    11. "The Delirium of Negation" by Justin Boote
    12. "I Just Write the Damned Thing" by Samuel Thomas Fraser
    13. "A Clearing" by Sam Lesek
    14. "Northern Lights" by Drew Starling
    15. "Wind Chimes" by Ron Ripley 
    ©2020 Scare Street (P)2020 Scare Street

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