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    Nightmares can’t really hurt you...can they?

    An evil from beyond the stars haunts a young boy and his father at Roswell Airbase. The survivors of a sunken warship take refuge on a deserted island, and discover they are not alone. And terror checks in at an old motel, when a vacationing family finds themselves trapped in an ancient curse....

    Scare Street journeys into the night to bring you a new volume of skin-crawling terror. This macabre collection contains 13 chilling tales of supernatural horror. And each story will sweep you away to a world of dark dreams and fantastical nightmares....

    Some believe that if you see yourself die in your dreams, then your heart will stop. But that’s just an old wives’ tale, isn’t it? After all, the icy chill of death lurks within every story in this ghastly tome. And your heart hasn’t stopped yet.

    In fact, with each minute, you can hear it beating faster and faster....

    This bone-chilling supernatural collection contains:

    1. "Live Bait" by Jude Reid 
    2. "The Hungry Worm" by Michael D. Nye
    3. "The Magician Needs a Volunteer" by Matt Brandenburg
    4. "Lab Incident" 1947 by Martin Zeigler
    5. "A House Divided" by M. B. Vujacic
    6. "Sundown and Shadows" by Michelle Tang
    7. "The Old Coach Inn" by Kris Ashton
    8. "Ashes to Ashes" by Robert Douglas 
    9. "Folie-a-Deux" by Gina Easton
    10. "Do Something Funny" by Clark Boyd
    11. "Fertile Soil" by Brian Sperl
    12. "Night Dive" by Drew Starling 
    13. "Home Sick" by Ron Ripley
    ©2020 Scare Street (P)2020 Scare Street

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