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    Glimpse into the twisted life behind one of America’s most horrifying serial killers.

    Delving into the sick mind of the infamous killer Richard Ramirez, this thought-provoking true crime book sheds light on the childhood, upbringing, killings, and eventual capture of the man who stalked the southern Californian suburbs for over two years. Dubbed as the Night Stalker and baffling the police at every turn, Richard Ramirez left a trail of mutilation and death in his wake, cementing him as one of the worst serial killers America has ever seen.

    Exploring the troubled yet unassuming upbringing of Ramirez and his hard-working immigrant family, this real crime story peels back the curtain on his life, examining what turned him into the monster he became. Detailing his early years and time at school, how he interacted with his family and close friends, and how he embarked on a dark path of Satanism and murder, this gritty book seeks to shed light on his twisted and evil mind, providing a new and gruesome look at his killing spree and the mindset that made him do it.

    Perfect for fans of true crime stories, Richard Ramirez’s reign of terror left a dark shadow on California’s past, showing people the terrifying truth that anyone could become the next victim of a serial killer.

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