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    Pregnancy has turned FBI Agent Cynna Weaver's whole life upside down. Lupus sorcerer Cullen Seabourne is thrilled to be a father, but what does Cynna know about kids? Her mother was a drunk and her father abandoned his family. Or so she's always believed.... As Cynna is trying to wrap her head around this problem, a new one pops up in the form of a delegation from another realm. They want to take Cynna and Cullen back with them - to meet her long-lost father and find a mysterious medallion. But when these two born cynics land in a world where magic is commonplace and night never ends, their only way home lies in tracking down the missing medallion - one also sought by powerful beings who will do anything to claim it.

    Performed by Colleen Delany, Alyssa Wilmoth, Matthew Bassett, Nanette Savard, David Coyne, Nick DePinto, Gabriela Fernandez-Coffey, Scott McCormick, Bradley Smith, Joe Brack, Mark Halpern, Jonathan Watkins, Danny Gavigan, David Jourdan, Elizabeth Jernigan, Michael Glenn, Lily Beacon, Damyon Richardson, Sunny Lasskey, Casie Platt, Jeff Allin, Tracy Lynn Olivera, James Konicek, Christopher Graybill, Eric Messner, Michael John Casey.

    ©2008 Eileen Wilks (P)2013 Graphic Audio, LLC

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