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    Did you know that red lipstick will attract more men than what you wear? Did you know that if you maintain eye contact with a man for several seconds, phenylethylamine or PEA is released, inducing the feeling of love?

    You see, there are tactics, steeped in science, that a woman can execute to lure a man into falling for her.

    I call these tactics Night Moves!

    This audiobook gives you the advantages you need to get a man to fall in love with you based on the science of love.

    Can you imagine? You walk into your chosen social venue and start picking out the men you are interested in. Next, you start to do the things that will make them notice you and not others. Then, once they approach (or you approach them), you start talking in their language, creating an atmosphere so powerful that they start to equate you with everything they love.

    The science of love is powerful stuff!

    Night Moves will:

    • Tell you what to wear based on science
    • Describe the five steps that must occur for love to happen
    • Explain how similarities are key to attraction and how to create them
    • Make you a body language pro so you can recognize what is working and what is not
    • Help you learn his love language so you can quickly build intimacy
    • Teach you the power of the killer compliment!

    You have, in the clutches of your nicely manicured hands, the keys to making a man fall in love with you. It’s like a big magic wand you can use to bring in the man of your dreams. There is no game playing here, there are no mean tricks or underhanded methods. It’s all straight science and, if you choose to listen to this dating audiobook, you will know how to use it.

    Ladies, you are going to love this audiobook.

    ©2017 Gregg Michaelsen (P)2018 Gregg Michaelsen

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