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    Dog lovers will delight in this audio celebration of the canine character. From our earliest encounters with Lassie, to the magical moments we share with our own imperfect but thoroughly lovable companions, dogs have become an integral part of our culture and beloved members of our family. NPR proudly presents these tales of unforgettable animals and their devoted human friends.


    • Introduction by Andrea Seabrook
    • Dog Stories from Maine
    • Hounded by Doubt, Dogged Owners Probe a Mystery
    • Dog Becomes Tigers' Momma at Kansas Zoo
    • The Tyranny of Ralph
    • Cesar Millan: L.A. Dog Whisperer Leads the Pack
    • My Own Take at Being a Dog Whisperer
    • Dog Tunes: Tails of the City
    • At This Church, Parishioners Wear Collars, Too
    • You Thought Human Actors Were Trouble?
    • This I Believe: Teaching a Bad Dog New Tricks
    • Look at That Puppy! Be Careful What You Say
    • Lulu, the Talking Dog
    • Anthology of Literature Inspired by Our Four-Legged Friends
    • A Tragedy That Shouldn't Happen to a Hero Dog
    • A Soldier and His Dog, Part 1
    • William Wegman's Weimaraners
    • Fritz, the Blind Frisbee-Catching Dog
    • Dogs Take Vow: To Serve and Herd Penguins
    • Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Deploy in Afghanistan
    • The Kangal: A Turkish Shepherd's Best Friend
    • Scientists Reveal How Fast Dogs Must Shake to Dry Their Fur
    • The Man Behind Lassie's Onscreen Magic
    • Russian Dog Wizard Trains Pooches to Paw the Line
    • Forget the Frisbee; Cool Dogs Catch Waves
    • The Case of the Mysterious Puppy, Solved! (Sort Of)
    • Purebred Dog People: A Breed Apart
    • Researchers Identify Gene Affecting Dog Size
    • Project Flying Chihuahuas
    • An Entrepreneurial Dog's Private Life
    • Baxter Black Remembers Bailey
    • A Soldier and His Dog Part 2
    ©1999-2011 National Public Radio, Inc. (P)2011 National Public Radio, Inc.

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