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    Airship 27 Productions offers up another quartet of new, original pulp heroes by today’s finest pulp writers.

    "A Waltz in Scarlet": From the pages of the Shadow Legion comes the Ferryman, a blind man who sees through the eyes of ghosts. Created by Thomas Deja.

    "Cult of the Stranger": The popular Eel and Adder, aided by another mystery man ally, must take on a gang of modern Thuggees loose in the city. Created by Joel Jenkins.

    "The Cult of Kali Kill" is another rousing adventure starring Chicago’s most unique avenger, the bumbling hero, the Bagman, as invented by B. C. Bell.

    "The Grey Mantis Strikes", wherein a masked martial artist races the clock to save a group of kidnapped children. Created by C. William Russette.

    Four thrill-a-minute tales of suspense, mystery, and action that keep the true spirit of the classic pulps alive and well for today’s listeners.

    ©2017 Tomas Deja, Joel Jenkins, B. C. Bell, and C. William Russette (P)2018

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