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    Veronica Maxim's short stories military collection is full of sizzling heroes in uniform! From the long lost love of Micah and Lily in His Chosen Love, to the unexpected passion of Ian and Rose in My Own Rose, and the adventure filled reunion of Dawson and Elle in What I Wanted, the Marines are on their way back home....

    His Chosen Love


    I haven't seen Micah in five years, and now he suddenly shows up in town. He wants me back, and I still have feelings for him...but I don't know if I can let him back into my life after he left me like that. And what will he do when he finds out my son is his?


    No matter where I went, Lily was always on my mind. I was too scared to reach out to her after I ran off like that, but I thought about her every day. Now I'm back, and all I want is to win her trust again. I know she has a fiancé. Is there a chance in hell she'll ever take me back?

    My Own Rose


    My dad is Miller Duffy of the Duffy Gang. He's my hero but he's got real problems with Marines. Well that's going to have to change. Especially now that Ian Cazio wants me. He's not just sinfully handsome, he's kind and caring and he wants me. Should I give it to him? This could be risky....


    The whole Duffy clan is no good. When I ended up stationed near my hometown, the last thing I wanted was to run into them again. What I didn't realize is that old Miller Duffy has a daughter, and she is something else. Beautiful, strong, and curvy.... What I'd do to make her my own....

    What I Wanted


    My heart had always done funny things around Dawson when we were teenagers, but I never knew if I was his type. And now after all this time, he's back from Afghanistan….

    ©2016 Veronica Maxim (P)2016 Veronica Maxim

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