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    An extraordinary and startlingly original sequel to Ishmael 

    “Enthralling, shocking, hope-filled, and utterly fearless, Daniel Quinn leads us deeper and deeper into the human heart, history, and spirit. In My Ishmael, Quinn strikes out into entirely new territory, posing questions that will rock you on your heels, and providing tantalizing possibilities for a truly new world vision.” (Susan Chernak McElroy, author of Animals as Teachers & Healers)

    When Ishmael places an advertisement for pupils with “an earnest desire to save the world”, he does not expect a child to answer him. But 12-year-old Julie Gerchak is undaunted by Ishmael’s reluctance to teach someone so young and convinces him to take her on as his next student. Ishmael knows he can't apply the same strategies with Julie that he used with his first pupil, Alan Lomax - nor can he hope for the same outcome. But young Julie proves that she is ready to forge her own spiritual path and arrive at her own destination. And when the time comes to choose a pupil to carry out his greatest mission yet, Ishmael makes a daring decision - a choice that just might change the world. 

    Explore Daniel Quinn’s spiritual Ishmael trilogy: 

    • Ishmael
    • My Ishmael
    • The Story of B
    ©1997 Daniel Quinn (P)2021 Random House Audio


    "Irresistible...[Quinn's] ideas are as thought-provoking as ever." (Kirkus Reviews)

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