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    He should be taking my temperature, not stealing my heart....

    Melissa is a small-town girl who doesn't think she needs a man. But when she bumps into a gorgeous man who desperately needs her help, she just has to play along.

    Dr. Carl, the stunning pulmonologist with those to-die-for eyes, needs a stand-in girlfriend to drive away his annoying coworker. He happens to bring it up to his patient Melissa who makes him forget about his boundaries.

    Doctor-patient relationships are strictly forbidden. He knows it’s wrong, but it feels so right. He shouldn’t be risking his career, but he is for someone as sweet as her. She shouldn’t be risking her heart, but she can’t stop herself.

    When their widowed parents announce that they are getting engaged to each other, disaster follows. The hot doctor she wasn’t supposed to date is going to be a new family member she wasn’t supposed to have.

    But another issue adds to the chaos: a baby she wasn’t supposed to make.

    What are they going to do?

    ©2020 Stephanie Brother (P)2020 Stephanie Brother

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