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    Beschreibung von Audible

    At a certain point, most people have an urge to reconnect with their familial roots, and Maria Coletta McLean’s memoir examines just that. My Father Came from Italy is a tender and sentimental account of a daughter mending her relationship with her father by bringing him back to his native Italy, a land he hasn’t touched in over 60 years. Narrator Carol Schneider brings the beautiful, rustic scenery to life with her gentle delivery, and her animated portrayals of Bob, Guido, and the rest of the cast are bound to keep listeners’ fingers away from the pause button.


    After 64 years, Mezzabotte Coletta, a retired truck driver for a Toronto macaroni factory, is retuning to his native Italia. In his native village of Supino is a rundown villa bought sight unseen by Mezzabotte Coletta 's daughter Maria - an olive branch after years of family struggle. While she and her husband breathe in the chatter of local tradesmen, the fragrant offerings of well-wishing neighbors, and the aroma of fine wine, her father awaits in Canada, anticipating the day he will again touch Italian soil. Hoping to avoid the wounds of his difficult marriage and the onset of senility, father and daughter retrace footsteps that yield from the Saint of Special Favors a miraculous recovery.

    ©2002 Maria Coletta McLean (P)2013 Audible, Inc.

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