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    A shocking true story of a girl's affair with her father.

    After years of suffering multiple forms of abuse, a vulnerable young girl flees her home only to land straight into the arms of her biological father - a sexual predator.

    My Daddy the Pedophile tells the harrowing true story of a teenage girl’s affair with her manipulative sociopathic father. After a terrible dark secret comes to light, the real story unfolds and her courageous journey of healing begins.

    Powerful and inspiring, My Daddy the Pedophile offers hope, encouragement, and the knowledge that although the road may be bumpy and the journey long, it is always possible to prevail over great trauma.

    ©2018 Lily Palazzi (P)2019 Lily Palazzi


    "If you are easily shocked by what occurs behind closed doors in some average suburban neighborhoods, do not read this book. If you want to read a riveting tale of manipulation, abuse, and courageous healing, then this is the book for you." (Sharyn Higdon Jones, MFT, author of Healing Steps

    "Lily Palazzi's memoir, My Daddy the Pedophile is a riveting, well-paced account of both how her father's calculated manipulation of her desperate need to be loved subjected her to the wounding distortions of incest and how through therapy and the true love of her husband she ultimately finds the healing she had once thought would never be possible." (Catherine McCall, author of the international best seller Never Tell)

    “It pulls you along from page to page.... There's no self pity, no hate - just a suspenseful, honest, highly readable account of how a human being can emerge whole from even the worst of childhoods.” (Adair Lara, author of Naked, Drunk, and Writing)   

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