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    "A tremendous story of love and murder, faith and tenacity." (Steve Jackson, New York Times best-selling author of A Clockwork Murder)

    The moment he found out his brother was missing and presumed dead, Ted Kergan launched a relentless effort to bring two suspected killers - a teenage prostitute and her much older grifter boyfriend - to justice and find Gary Kergan's body. Little did he know his quest would consume a fortune and take 30 years to reach its dramatic conclusion.

    Thwarted at first by the fact that his brother's body could not be located and a new district attorney reluctant to prosecute as a result, Kergen had to keep track of the killers, from New Orleans' notorious French Quarter to Las Vegas and points in between, and wait for a break in the case that seemed like it would never come.

    Then nearly 30 years later, science, detective work, and especially a brother's love and tenacity would combine for a resolution that would end in a dramatic trial in which one of the killers' diary would be a star witness.

    ©2017 WildBlue Press (P)2018 WildBlue Press

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